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The Terme di Bagno Vignoni
Located close to the state for Rome, only 4 km from the capital, le terme di Bagno Vignoni were known at least since Roman times, as evidenced by an inscription in Latin travertine placed inside the spa says that the sacred Nymphs.
Known and popular throughout the Middle Ages, their history is often linked to that of San Quirico d'Orcia. Baths past in 1318 in possession of Salimbeni, was the focus of contention between those gentlemen and Siena, along with other castles of the Val d'Orcia, between here and Sprockets Ripa.
The same castles, in addition to Bath, were sold in 1417 by Salimbeni Cocco to Siena for 5000 guilders gold.
Came to be part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1600, Ferdinando II de 'Medici, gave the property to the bathroom Family Amerigo, with the obligation of maintenance.
In 1676 the ownership of the baths was sold to Cardinal Flavio Chigi, currently the Chigi family has granted perpetual water.

Effectiveness of water
The analysis of the water and the secular experience to give bath Vignoni water excellent application of Arthro-rheumatic diseases of any origin, as well as diseases in mucosal accessible (nasopharyngitis, female genital apparatus).
It should also be remembered action tonic-trophic sull'apparato skin and effectiveness in cases of rehabilitation from sequelae of fractures.

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