Italian cheese

Pecorino fresh: cheese soft, creamy and sweet taste. Extremely popular to Pienza. Is realized with milk just milked, you can enjoy together for a tasty sausage or the plate.

Pecorino red: is a cheese that gusta after three months of maturation, the pasta is semi. Externally is treated with tomato preserves and for that we say "red". The taste is delicious, is very good with capocollo the Tuscan fennel.

Pecorino cheese: cheese in svecchiato with olive oil and walnut leaf. Shear is crumbly and very intense taste, aroma. Is accompanied by wines of great structure.

Pecorino di fossa: The name of this type of cheese comes from the way it is seasoned, because you put inside of it for about three months. It is good to taste with honey and fruit mustards. Consumed only combines a wine of great structure.

Pecorino Cheese Flavored: soft cheeses with the addition of hot pepper or truffle.

Goat's cheese: cheese made with goat milk. May be flavored with fresh herbs or with the sesame, poppy seeds or fennel. Than stagionati present a tougher pasta and their flavor is more widely understood.

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