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Tuscan wine italian wine Tuscany wine shop Vinsanto: fortified wine par excellence is produced with grapes white although there are some products with red grapes. You get by wilt grapes on trellises and are the same grapes and aged in ammostate caratelli famous for at least five years. The vinsanto and it pastry to dry.

Tuscan Wine - Rosso di Montepulciano doc: wine produced in the territory for Montepulciano (Siena), ruby red, intense, dry and fragrant. Produced with Sangiovese grapes (locally known Prugnolo kind) with a trailing Canaiolo black, it combines nicely with first courses, meats and cheeses.

Tuscan Wine - Morellino di Scansano doc: wine produced in the Tuscan Maremma color red, the palate is fine and scented so persistent. Is produced by a clone of sangiovese that in this area is said Morellino with addition of local grapes to red berries. It is good to taste with wild mammals and birds, pecorino cheese and red meat.

Tuscan Wine - Orcia doc: wine produced in the Val d'Orcia. Red ruby, winy taste is made with sangiovese grapes an addition of more red grapes or white fruit ever produced in the area. It goes well with pasta dishes and all the traditional cuisine of Val d'Orcia.

Tuscan Wine - Brunello di Montalcino: red wine produced exclusively in the territory of the commune of Montalcino (Siena) from sangiovese grapes alone (locally known as Brunello). It has intense color and reserves (wine aged for at least six years) tends to garnet. The flavor is intense, dry, robust and very persistent. The alcohol percentage is around 12.5 degrees. Brunello is aged for a minimum mandatory two years in oak casks for at least four months is aged in the bottle. May be marketed only after six years of harvest. It goes well with red meats, game and cheeses. .

Tuscan Wine - Rosso di Montalcino doc: product in the territory of Montalcino (Siena), ruby red. The grape production is the sangiovese, this wine is subjected to an aging of at least one year in oak barrels for six months and is aged in the bottle. It accompanies the first dishes with sauces and red meat with cheese.

Tuscan Wine - Nobile di Montepulciano docg: : wine produced exclusively in the territory for Montepulciano from red grapes such as blackthorn and Canaiolo black, red ruby, to taste dry and persistent; to taste good with red meat of wild game and cheeses.

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